2007-2022: Fifteen years of making cats happy!

Helen's own cats

After bringing Rigatone Hyde (her rescued Roman street cat) back to the UK, Helen and Riga enjoyed 7 fabulous and very happy years together until his death in 2014.

She and Roy then took on a client’s 16 year old (and very beautiful!) Tonkinese, Chanel.  She was quite a character and went blind a month after moving into her new home. But cats are remarkable animals and Chanel coped brilliantly with her blindness, leading a happy life with Helen and Roy until just after her 18th birthday.

rigatone roman cat

They then had a rather full house! Susha, another Tonkinese, came to them from a client who could not take her abroad due to Susha’s poor health, and six months later we rescued the Furry Threesome: Timmy, Rosie and Jess, whose owner had recently died. Susha crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2017 and the Furry Threesome are now 11 years old and VERY happy in Battle! Each has their own very distinct personality and you can often read of their exploits on our Facebook page.

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2007-2022: Fifteen years of making cats happy!

rigatone roman cat