2007-2021: Fourteen years of making cats happy!

Our super friendly terms & conditions

1. Happy Cats Cat Sitting will make the agreed number of visits to your cat(s) each day. Prices are as agreed at initial enquiry. We will treat your cats as if they were our own: they will be spoiled!

2. Payment for the first booking is 50% on key pick up and 50% on completion of the booking. We accept cash, cheques or bank transfer. Please make cheques payable to Happy Cats. For subsequent bookings, we ask that payment is made before the booking starts.

3. Late payment (understandably, we hope!) incurs a 10% surcharge.

4. We will take your cat to your vet, trying first of all to contact you, if your cat needs treatment. You will be liable for all vet expenses and medication and we would be grateful if you could contact the surgery direct or reimburse us on your return.

5. It is important that you leave us a note authorising us to take your cat for any necessary treatment. In the event that we cannot contact you, we will take all decisions necessary to the benefit of your cat. (I always ask myself “What would I do if this was my cat?”)

6. It is very important that you let us know that you have returned or if you are delayed and require further visits. If we do not hear from you we will continue to visit your cat and will bill you separately for these visits: your cat’s welfare comes first (and I have problems sleeping if I think a cat is going hungry!)

7. We are not responsible for the malfunctioning of any doors or locks: you can imagine how often we have a problem with a 'dodgy lock'! Please, please ensure that all keys work (in a closed door!) before giving them to us and that that the door has not moved in the rain or heat. Thank you!

8. You will let us know if you expect any visitors (eg a cleaner) or any deliveries. There is nothing worse than walking into a house and finding a stranger there! Equally awful was the delivery of a bed whilst looking after indoor cats (Both true!).

9. Whilst we are happy to water a few plants we are not gardeners and accept no responsibility if your plants do not thrive as well as your cats. (I love gardening, but am better with some plants than others and have a tendency to overwater, so please remember that when leaving instructions!)

10. Our cancellation terms are, we hope, very reasonable: 5 days notice in term time and 2 weeks notice in school holidays. Thank you!


Your privacy & data protection

Your privacy is paramount to us at Happy Cats Cat Sitting. We collect data relating to your cat's needs and with your consent. This data is held securely and is NOT shared with any third parties but is only seen by the owner of Happy Cats Cat Sitting. You have the right to see this data and to request it's deletion at any time. In turn if we do NOT cat sit your cat for 18 months, we will then delete your data and inform you that we will be doing so.


Contact us to find out more or to arrange a FREE introductory visit to discuss your cat’s needs!

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