2007-2021: Fourteen years of making cats happy!

Very useful tips for cats who prefer home to a cattery


If your cat uses a litter tray, please check that there is enough cat litter to cover your absence, some bags and a scoop.  A dust pan and brush would also be useful. Please tell us how to dispose of the used cat litter.

Make sure that there is lots of your cat’s favourite food in the house: trips to the supermarket incur a surcharge of £3 per trip.

Leave out washing-up materials and some kitchen roll or toilet paper.

Put your cat’s favourite toys in a visible spot (but we also bring our own, which cats love!).

Leave us a note if there are any points we did not discuss when you booked.

Ensure that we have a contact number in case of emergencies and also the name and number of your vet.

Please leave a letter addressed to your vet authorizing us to take your cat for veterinary treatment if needed.

Please leave payment as discussed at the first booking. You will always receive an invoice, either before or on completion of the booking.



We are fully insured but to avoid any mishaps please:

Make sure that your spare keys work and arrange a convenient time for us to collect them (collection charge £5) or drop them off through our letter box. Do please knock: it is always nice to see people!

If you have a burglar alarm please tell us how to set and deactivate it and remember to give us any further instructions.

Leave out some kitchen roll or toilet paper.

If necessary, don’t forget to tell your neighbours that we will be visiting.



We will visit your cat each day, making as many visits as agreed with you. We will update you as requested (normally every 2 to 3 days) either via email, Whatsapp or text.

Each time we visit we will wash all bowls, feed as directed and change the water. We will also clean the litter tray.

Pills will be administered as per your instructions.

Most importantly we will give your cat lots of time and affection!

If you do not call us on your return we will continue to visit your cat at the usual rates and until we hear from you: your cat’s welfare comes first.



Please ring us or text us to let us know that you have returned or if you are delayed and require further visits to your cat.

When we have heard from you we will arrange to drop off your keys unless, as a regular client, we have your permission to keep them.

Please take the time to fill in a Feline Feedback Form which we will leave in the kitchen. We aim to satisfy you and to make your cat a 'happy cat' and are always pleased to learn of ways in which we can improve our service!


Contact us to find out more or to arrange a FREE introductory visit to discuss your cat’s needs!

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